Benefits for management

Get organizational level KPIs of key success factors in real time to support proactive leadership. Weekly measurements provide feedback and traceability on the impact of implemented improvements.

Benefits for teams

Get insights on strengths and weaknesses based on the team result. Create a joint view and improve the work situation together on a weekly basis.

Benefits for individuals

Get insights and inspiration about key success factors for a healthy and productive work situation each week. Measure and identify where to focus your efforts, in less than 60 seconds/week.

The Prindit Pulse Applications

Prindit is a cloud-based platform that uses measurements and analytics to boost team performance. We empower employees and teams in creating an innovative and high-performing workplace through data-driven team leadership and support systematic improvements through a weekly iterative engagement-loop of a three-step process. Prindit is based on scientifically verified success factors for projects, innovation and wellbeing at work.

Project Pulse helps project teams to identify, analyze and act on areas for improvement in order to ensure successful outcomes. Prindit Project complements traditional KPIs (e.g. time and cost) with measurements by the team for the team.

Innovation Pulse helps your organization to identify, analyze and act on critical conditions for innovation in your organization. Prindit helps your organization to understand where to put your effort and how to act to improve your innovation capability.

Organization Pulse improves employee and team engagement and increases productivity. Prindit empower employees in creating a high-performing, engaging workplace through feedback, involvement and communication.

5 Reasons
why you should use Prindit

Prindit is based on state of the art research with best practice from top tech companies in the world. We want to change the way organizations measure in the combined workplace.


With Prindit, people can take control over their own situation, develop a shared vision and strive towards a common goal.


Employees that are engaged are both healthier and more productive. Prindit lets you identify if engagement is decreasing and gives suggestions on how to boost engagement.

Continuous improvement

Prindit lets you and your team identify the status of important success factors and together improve your situation to achieve business goals.


Learning is the foundation of continuous improvement and innovation. Prindit enables organizational learning that helps you reach both personal and business goals.


We want to transform the workplace into a happy, productive and innovative place. Prindit use the power of analytics to identify areas for improvement and suggests how to act proactively and thereby increase performance.

This is how it works!

Prindit creates conditions for continuous improvements by means of in-depth analysis for the individual, team and organization – enabling reflective learning and continuous improvements every week. Weekly evaluations enable fast detection of deviations, if any. Prindit also gives direct suggestions on proactive improvements to both individuals, teams and organizations.

Prindit in less than 60 seconds.

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