Innovation Pulse

With 30 years experience, both from research and practical work, we know how to boost innovation in organizations. Since 2015, we have successfully measured and analyzed what conditions organizations have to be innovative.


Project Pulse

Do you experience this?

Do you feel that you in your organization are not as innovative as you could be, that there is more potential than what comes out?

Do you know when your innovation efforts get the best results?

Do you think the flow of ideas is uneven between departments and want to understand why, as well as increase the flow of ideas?

Do you want to get the whole organization on an innovation trip?

Prindit Cycle

What we can do for you!

Through our unique service, you will be able to identify your team's prerequisites for innovation. Our analysis creates insights about your current strengths and weaknesses as well as the impacts, and we do it week after week. Through the analysis, you can control your organization towards effective innovation while enhancing your team's well-being.


Other Prindit Applications


Would you like to know if a project will be late, understand why and get recommendations on how to make it successful?


Do you think there is untapped potential among your employees?


Do you feel your retrospectives work well?

The secret of being a leader is to know what a group needs

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