Innovation Pulse

Do you want to work with continuous improvement and innovation in your organization, but don’t know how to get everyone involved? Relax, we have the solution for you! By breaking down what innovation is all about, Prindit helps your organization to understand where to put your effort and how to act to improve your innovation capability.

Prindit Cycle

We help you identify, analyze and act on important success factors to engage your organization and create a successful climate for innovation.

Innovation pulse provides your organization with a service that:

  • Improve innovation capabilities
  • Improve employee and team engagement
  • Improve team communication
  • Support proactive leadership
  • Increase personal insights with tailored feedback
  • Give traceability of implemented improvements
  • Identify team strengths and weaknesses
  • Present organizational KPIs in real-time
  • Increase democratization. Every voice will be heard,
    not only the ones who speak the loudest

Companies are now making innovation everyone’s job

Michael Schrage